Wednesday, November 14, 2012

States of Refuge: Mississippi

Mississippi is an exciting state to be with its one remaining killing center, and that one appearing unstable and small with cramped parking so near the street that patients cannot avoid hearing the pro-lifers’ pleas. The abortionist Bruce Norman flies in from his residence in Atlanta, Georgia to do the killings, and his job is currently in jeopardy due to new regulation that requires an abortionist to secure admitting privileges to a local hospital - which thus far he has been unable to do, praise the Lord!

Also, due to the faithfulness of the saints of Pro-Life Mississippi, I was surprised by the number of people who were already aware of how close their state is to becoming abortion-free.

On Thursday morning, I went with a group to Murrah High School. We set up signs along the drive leading to the school and stationed about 8 people at the bus stop with literature. For a short time, we were able to get it into the hands of nearly every student from several bus loads, but then the school staff strategically began unloading only one bus at a time. Two men guarded the bus door on either side, arms outstretched, barking to the students filing out, “Walk straight ahead! Don’t look at them! Don’t take anything from them!” When we tried to pass the literature through the open windows, the children were angrily ordered, “Close that window! Close all the windows! Don’t take anything!” It didn’t seem real to me. How could this be happening in America? In Mississippi? Did these meek-faced student robots really belong to the “land of the free and the home of the brave?” I pray that this outright tyranny of their prison of a school places in them a distrust for their leaders, so that they will seek out truth!

Later that day and the next, Tom Raddell’s impressive display grabbed attention at Jackson State University. We eventually had it re-located by the main entrance, where students were always coming and going, and there engaged people in some good conversations. It is such a privilege to become light to a dark place, and be the vessel through which the Lord opens minds to truth! My heart was full of the excitement that Mississippi could make history, that this holocaust could end, and that we could help make it happen! 

Here also I was struck by the contrast between the school and the university. The students at Jackson State had been freed from the captivity of the government schools, and hence their minds were open. It was definitely something to think about.

After a wonderful lunch provided by the saints in Jackson, I joined others at the abortion mill. Car after car pulled in at the appointed hour; a distraught girl with grandparents; a group of laughing, mocking girls; hard-hearted mothers and daddies with their daughters; young men with their girl-friends, etc. The parking lot was overflowing, and several had to park down the street. It was heart-breaking! The humble, faithful Christians lined the fence by the clinic door, with their pleas and remonstrances, but seemingly to no avail. They huddled in prayer for this lady and that one. They cried out to God for mercy for the precious unborn. And the security guard scolded and mocked.

We were not welcome the next morning at Jackson Prep, a predominantly upper class white school. Folks always think we should be somewhere else. Anywhere but where we are! Abortion to them is only an issue that dishonest politicians use to buy their vote. The parents I talked to were not happy with us. 

Our set up there was not as effective as we would have liked, and it was decided to return when school let out. At the appointed hour, we were ready with signs along the road in front of the school and literature on either side of the three entrances. Then did ever the cars come! The traffic light soon had them backed up a good ways, giving us ample opportunity to engage the passengers. Then when a wreck took place up ahead (a drunk driver with open containers rear-ended another car), it caused some serious delay for everyone! God is good! There were no injuries, the offender was caught, and it gave everyone plenty of time to hear our message.

However, most rejected us, averted their eyes, and ignored the cause of the most innocent, helpless ones among us. 
“Wash you, make you clean; put away the evil of your doings from before mine eyes; cease to do evil; learn to do well; seek judgment, relieve the oppressed, judge the fatherless, plead for the widow” (Isaiah 1:16-17).

Saturday dawned a beautiful day (made especially so because we got to sleep late!). We gathered at the death camp with loud speakers and instruments, and there Bro. Butch led us in prayer and prophecy and song. “It’s coming down!” he declared, and that line you can clearly hear in the media’s video report here

Later at the football stadium right down the road, we scattered in twos and threes to pass out literature. The closeness of the killing center made my conversations especially persuasive. “The abortion clinic, the last one in all of Mississippi, is RIGHT THERE!” I could almost point it out, it was so close. It was exciting, thrilling. Until you meet with the opposition, that is. One lady frigidly told me that her opinion on abortion was PERSONAL, and that NO, she didn’t want to hear my thoughts. Another I debated for a time, and left feeling foolish and upset. Other times I was humbled by my inability to answer as I ought. 

At the end of three days of such conversations, I was drained. How I pray the Lord will use our humble efforts to spread His truth! That He will remember that we are only dust, but such dust as is trying so earnestly to please Him!

The nightly rallies were times of refreshing, and Saturday evening’s especially so. The Lord God is working among His people!

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